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Z.Sh. Nabizade
a PhD student at the Department of Economics and Agriculture Management, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics
St. Petersburg


  • strategic management
  • management decision-making
  • non-profit organizations of development of enterprises
  • The article provides the analysis of a non-profit organization activity whereof the main objective isn't to make and distribute profits between participants which in its turn . The purpose of the NPO can be a social need, charity, cultural values, education, politics, science, and more. it is directed to form a public good. NPO activity is very specific, and its aims are easy to distinguish from the commercial objectives of the organization. Such specificity forms a unique and strategic approach to the management of NPOs. And as practice shows the effectiveness of this control is very low, that results in stagnation of a non-profit sector the current situation requires a change, without which it is impossible to build a socially significant smoothly functioning economy. The article analyzes the activities of NPOs in the framework of which the specifics and problems of the present management system are determined. The basic differences in management by objectives between commercial and non-commercial organizations are shown that are based on the legal framework, planning levels and management, stages, structure and content of the objectives, the implementation of a systematic approach and market orientation.
    The absence of market contact, administrative passivity, lack of initiative, and dependency mediation instead of an active position is only a part of the problem component of NPO -a segment which interior accents restrains itself. The Sector which needs some development, requires a new government tool, is adapted to the present dynamic market situation.

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