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B.D. Moguev
a senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Education at Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering


  • automotive industry
  • worldwide experience
  • benchmarking
  • business process reengineering
  • principles of effective benchmarking
  • The automotive industry is an important sector of the Russian economy that integrates city-forming enterprises and meets domestic consumer needs. However, at the background of certain positive trend the analysis of Russian automotive manufacturers’ efficiency has revealed a significant lagging behind world leaders that requires business processes reengineering, which should take into account successful worldwide experience.
    In this article the current state of Russian automotive industry is analyzed and the main challenges are identified, recommendations on benchmarking and practical implementation of their results are formulated, the procedure of business process reengineering of automotive enterprises with account to best worldwide experience is proposed, the introduction of the permanent improvement system is offered.
    To write this article the author has used such scientific investigation methods as Delphi technique, analysis and synthesis, theoretical and empirical generalizations, scientific deduction.
    In general, the author has offered conceptually new approach to business process reengineering in automotive industry being conducted in order to improve the company efficiency by introducing innovative methods and adapting the best global experience to specifics of Russian manufacturing practice, which develops a methodology of business processes management in the industry.

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