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V.A. Skorikov
Master of Economics at Belarus State University of Economics
Minsk (Belarus)


  • transport-logistics system
  • economic mechanism
  • elements of economic mechanism
  • effectiveness of mechanism
  • We consider approaches to forming economic mechanism of transport-logistics systems of cargo transportation. The essence of the mechanism is analyzed in general from the economic point of view. A range of measures targeted at increasing the effectiveness of the transport-logistics system as a whole taking into consideration market characteristics and optimization of the technical component of logistic system is developed.
    Common commercial interests of the participants of logistics transport chain of cargo delivery make it possible to integrate them functionally and to create an economic mechanism of transport-logistics systems managing which will result in increasing profits and cutting costs concerning all types of resources of any participant of goods transportation process that determines the effectiveness of a transport-logistics system.
    To understand the essence of the economic mechanism of transport-logistics system we need to consider an entire system of interconnected categories, to reveal connections and correlations, their contents, forms and realizations.
    The preliminary research enables us to design a scheme of the economic mechanism of transport-logistics systems. In the mechanism in question we concentrate on methods and directions of analyzing the effectiveness of transport-logistics system as well as on criteria to assess the degree of effectiveness of the measures to be taken.

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