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Services and Technologies Convergence in Response to Digital Transformation of Economy

S.A. Dyatlov
O.S. Lobanov
Professor, the Department of Common Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Full Professor
Doctoral Student, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, PhD in Economics
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg


  • digital economy
  • digitalization
  • services
  • transformation
  • 4.0 industry
  • polyfunctional convergence
  • The article presents a basic convergent model of relationship between services digitalization and 4.0 industry which includes 3 levels of services: smoothening, adaptation and substitution and 3 digitalization levels (low, middle and high). It is pointed out that the correlation of these levels might result in the emergence of 9 possible configurations in relation to non-digital services, digital services and 4.0 industry services which ensure smoothening, adaptation and substitution of relevant services in digital economy.
    A reasonable judgment is made that in the digital economy environment the market witnesses digital poly-functional divergence of services and 4.0 industry.

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