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Criminal Procedure Relationship involving Prosecutor during Inspections at Initial Stage of Pre-Trial Procedure

M.A. Makarenko
S.M. Prokofyeva

We carry out theoretical and legal analysis of the criminal procedure relationship involving the prosecutor at the initial stage of the pre-trial criminal procedure concerning prosecutor’s inspections. The factors affecting the mechanism of the relationship in question are considered.

Criminological Individual Profile of Migrants Engaged in Illicit Drug and Psychotropic Substances Trafficking

E.S. Ketenchieva

The article deals with considering individual personality characteristics of a migrant criminal who was convicted for illicit drug and psychotropic substances trafficking in the Russian Federation. Particular attention is paid to such individual traits characterizing a criminal as gender, age,...

Development of Mechanisms of Attracting Investment Resources in Russian Federation

V.E. Krolivetskaya
I.P. Leontyeva

We systemize the possibilities to develop the mechanisms of attracting investment to real sector. We pose the main directions of transforming the monetary policy of the Bank of Russia and deposit-credit policy of commercial banks to establish a long-term resource base for investment. We suggest...

Economic Security and Sustainability of Frontier Regions Development

N.A. Ganchar

Frontier regions are territories most at risk of economic security threat. Insufficient neutralization of the risks might result in wide spread of economic security threats into the hinterland and destabilization of the development. Sustainability of development is considered to be one of the...

Employer Branding Importance for Modern Business Organizations and Basic Instruments of Its Formation and Further Development

D.A. Kochukov

The article is devoted to debatable matters of slow HR branding development in Russia and offers ways of overcoming to ones. It examines basic indicators of personnel management system being affected by employer brand. In addition the article describes the relationship between the indicators...

Evolution of Mechanism of Personal Data Protection: Domestic and European Experience

A.V. Pushinin
A.S. Pushinina

We pay attention to the problem of establishing and improving the system of personal data protection. A comparison of domestic and international experience in the sphere in question is made. The divergence is revealed. We develop an approach to improving the domestic system of personal data...

Examination of Opportunities for Automotive Industry Management Improvement

E.M. Abalueva

The article deals with the decision making technique with regard to car fittings production processes improvement opportunities in the context of the ongoing necessity to raise the automotive industry management performance. The methodology is based on Taguchi methods of loss functions...

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