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Factors of Intensification of Innovation Activity under Present-Day Conditions

D.K. Shpakovich

We make a survey of current research concerning the problems of classification of factors of intensification of innovation activity. We introduce our own approach to classifying the key factors of intensification of innovation activity. We consider the dynamics of the share of investment in the...

Factors of Job Burnout and their Influence on Job Performance

M.G. Gildingersh

The relevance of the research is determined by the influence of social-psychological state of employees on their performance.
We consider theoretical aspects of the origin and development of job burnout, reveal the reasons and factors affecting the level of job burnout, analyze possible...

Features and Comparative Analysis of Current Models of Public Sector

I.V. Gersonskaya

We consider main current models of public sector. We believe that any country has its own “national model” of public sector; meanwhile we mark out its features that various groups of states have in common. Economic theory distinguishes West-European, North-American and Asian models of public...

Financial Technologies and their Impact on Banking Activities

N.P. Radkovskaya
M.S. Sobol

The article discusses issues related to the development of financial technologies affecting banking business and customer behavior. The main directions of the development and implementation of banking innovations, as well as the problems of digital transformation and the emergence of digital...

Increasing Effectiveness of Creation and Operation of Innovation Territorial Clusters

V.V. Makarov
D.O. Starodubov

We consider creating an effective territorial cluster based on optimal interaction of its members. Such interaction will result in a competitive final product created by all the members of the union. The process of developing a cluster includes defining the cluster strategy as well as the roles...

Innovations in Chain Hotel Business

S.A. Uvarov
M.V. Voloshinova
A.V. Kuchumov

The need in the digitalization of modern tourist business to increase the accessibility of tours determines the relevance of the research. Developing and implementing such service technologies that are not widely used in the hotel business at the moment, i.e. innovations, is believed to be the...

Labor Market in Russia: Characteristics of Age and Gender Structure

L.G. Desfonteines
E.V. Korchagina

Structural changes in labor market are seen as the main factor of changes in modern economy. Ageing of population and increase of active working age are the leading demographic factors. The structural analysis of working population enables us to determine trends and prospects of labor market...

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