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Prospects of Digitalization in Agro-Industrial Sector with Mercury Federal State Information System as a Case Study

L.I. Manchinskaya

The article focuses on biological security related issues with regard to agro industrial sector. Nowadays the matter is quite relevant and in support of this objective the Mercury Federal state information system has been created and currently launched. As from 1 July 2018 in accordance with...

Public Health as Strategic Priority of Social Policy in Russia

G.A. Karpova
V.A. Tkachev

The relevance of the research is based on the need to solve topical problems and take optimal managerial measures to increase the effectiveness of public health system existing in our country.
We offer a methodological substantiation of system approach to structuring key problems and...

Rationalization and Harmonization of Food and Drinks Production in Circular Economy Environment

I.N. Rogova
D.A. Stepanenko

The article focuses on completely new approaches to the processes of food and beverage production in circular economy environment. Ways of rationalization of activity of producers and their results are shown. Recommendations on harmonization of domestic business processes with European ones are...

Rights in Rem in the Russian Empire, 1832 – 1917

I.V. Botantsov

The article is devoted to the topic, which is not sufficiently disclosed in modern historical and legal science. At the same time, the analysis of the Institute of property law allows to make a more complete picture of the legal system of the Russian Empire and to rethink the processes taking...

Social Innovations as a Regional Social and Economic System Sustainability Factor

S.M. Talerchik

The article deals with examining social innovations as a factor of social and economic sustainability of both the regions and the country as a whole. The study focuses on causes of their emergence, it analyses their influence on the society and furthermore quite clearly determines major...

Social Networks in Economic Activity: Methodological Approaches to Analysis

S.A. Davydov
A.S. Panfilov

The study of relations between business entities using analyzing instruments developed in network theory is seen as one of promising directions of research in modern economic theory. The methodology of network analysis is based on theoretical assumptions of classic sociology and aimed at the...

Stimulation of Professional Activity of Teaching Staff at Russian Institutions of Higher Education

V.I. Sigov
I.E. Smorudov

We consider changes in wages and calculation of salaries in Russian educational institutions connected with RF Presidential Edict No. 597 of 07.05.2012 “On measures of implementing government social policy”. We prove the idea that the measures listed in the edict in question will result in...

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