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Liberalism as Main Threat to National, Economic and Personal Security

V.I. Sigov
Head of the Department of Labor Economics, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor
St. Petersburg


  • humanism
  • liberalism
  • liberty
  • equality
  • fraternity
  • orthodoxy
  • autocracy
  • national ethos
  • democracy
  • threats to security
  • When being interviewed for the Financial Times, president Putin said that the idea of liberalism in his opinion has become the thing of the past for good. However, the importance of distinguishing “bad” modern Russian liberalism and “humane” liberalism of Western Europe with its values of liberty and intellect, insisting on the authority serving people and not vice versa, was mentioned.
    To examine the problem in question, we analyze how the phenomenon of liberalism came to life, what stages there have been in its development and what it is like now. Personal rights-oriented liberalism is ultimately directed against sovereignty of any country. Liberal freedom of enterprise inevitably leads to criminalization of economic relations and freedom of speculative capital threatening economic security of all countries. Unlimited personal freedom results in immoral outrage representing threat to humanity.

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