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On Problems of Functioning of Electronic Government and Their Impact on Econiomic Security of the Country

V.A. Degtereva
professor of the Department of State and Municipal Administration of State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, associate professor
St. Petersburg
The process of formation of e-government and various aspects of its functioning in the Russian Federation are examined in the article. The author defines some problems that cause the slowdown in development of e-government in the Russian Federation and have a negative impact on the economic security of the country. Ways of solving these problems are proposed.


  • e-government
  • information society
  • information and communication technologies
  • economic security
  • public accounting
  • information resources
  • information security
  • the state programme
  • legal and regulatory base
  • electronic control
  • electronic signature
  • The vital importance of the theme of the article is caused by the necessity to meet the present challenges of the performance of the Russian Federation e-government. The article has been based on methodological approaches and proceedings of scientists in the field of the theory of e-government functioning and information-economy security management. The research methods being used are those of comparative and logic analysis. The first part of the article presents a brief review of the process of evolutionary development of the national e-government in the Russian Federation. It focuses on outlining basic issues in different spheres of the state interaction, which affect development and successful functioning of the e-government and its interaction with the Russian citizens. The second part of the article reveals ways and techniques of how to catch up with the backlog of the national electronic control system as compared to similar systems implemented abroad. The author gives particular consideration to the issues dealing with the up-to-date use of the ICT and electronic signature in particular as these issues are considered to be directly associated with ensuring economic and information security related both to particular levels of cooperation within a state and within a country as a whole.

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