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Financial and Economic Essence of Outsourcing under World Globalization

S.V. Yuriev
senior lecturer of the Department of Corporate Finance and Business Evaluation of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, PhD in Economics
St. Petersburg
We analyze the mutual influence of the globalization of economic processes and outsourcing as a new trend in the economy of Russia. The need to combine various types of outsourcing under globalization is substantiated.


  • globalization
  • outsourcing
  • IT-outsourcing
  • outsourcing of finance
  • We look at financial and economic essence of outsourcing under the globalization of world economy. Characteristic features of outsourcing are analyzed. We reveal and prove the need to combine different types of outsourcing for further development of economic relations under globalization. On the basis of our research we suggest considering outsourcing as a specific kind of the development of economic relations.

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