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Forming Development Strategy for Consulting Companies

A.V. Verkhovtseva
A.E. Zhuravlev

The modern society tends to acquire information-and-knowledge character, due to this tendency a single participant of economic activity is unable to solve independently a whole range of tasks concerning collecting, systemizing, analyzing information and to make managerial decisions; the lack of...

Functional Orientation of Activity of Professional Participants of Financial Services Market

D.A. Vernikov

Changes currently taking place on financial services market have considerable influence on the development of national economies of different countries. We consider issues of objectivization of defining the functions of various participants of financial services market, revealing their financial...

Functional Provision and Measures to Form Mechanism of Increasing Efficiency of Regional Social and Economic System

O.A. Sorokin

The concept of functional purpose of organizational and economic mechanism of increasing the efficiency of using the resource potential serves as theoretical basis and determines methodological recommendations enabling the management of the regional economy to rationalize the interaction of...

Implementation of Public Private Partnership Projects: The Analysis of Experience and Legislation of Germany

D.K. Shpakovich

The article deals with issues of implementation of public private partnerships with the special emphasis on legislation and experience of solving such problems in Germany. German public private partnership projects vary in scale: from local problems (school, prison, hospital repairs, etc.) up to...

Implementing Regional Innovation Potential in Sphere of Tourism via State-Private Partnership (by the example of Yaroslav Region)

A.A. Andreeva

The realization of the mechanism of state-private partnership is currently the national concept of regional development. Our research is dedicated to using state-private partnership as a tool to realize the innovation potential of regions in the sphere of tourism. The realization of regional...

Influence of Change of Macroeconomic Parameters on Activity of Regions

I.V. Vasilyeva

Economic activity of a region is an important factor of influence on its prospective development. It is connected with the fact that a change of macroeconomic parameters results in qualitative and quantitative changes of Gross Regional Product, volume of resources used and effectiveness of regional...

Informational Logistics in Controlling

S.V. Osipov

The relevance of the research is determined by the importance of controlling as a managerial innovation proved by the experience of foreign countries that should be used by companies under the modern conditions of dynamic economic development. From the structural point of view the article...

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