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Innovation Activity In Energy Sector: Principal Barriers and Ways for Overcoming Them

D.A. Nazarenko

The Russian power companies, joining in the process of active innovative development, will shortly face a number of system-wide complications and problems, which are caused by the lack of coherent approach to the system of technical and legal regulation. It results in considerable growth of...

International Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Regulation

S.A. Dyatlov
A.B. Novikov

Intellectual activity analysis as well as protection of intellectual property rights form and content research have become ever topical lately. It has been a result of globalization of the world trade, Russia’s joining the World Trade Organization and promotion of ideas of creating a common...

Interpretation of Dual Problems in Economics of Quality

M.S. Babaryn

The article deals with topical problems of the economic interpretation of dual linear programming regarding to quality economics. One of the objectives of the economics of quality is finding the optimal quality plan for the product in resource-limited settings. The author presents mathematical...

Legal Aspects of Conformity of Customs Code of Ukraine to International Standards on Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures

S.I. Denisenko

The problem of harmonized legal regulation of customs procedures is stated to be the most pressing issue nowadays since adjustment of national customs legislation in accordance with standard rules of the International Convention on simplification and harmonization of customs procedures of May 18...

Long-Term Planning and Forecasting Efficiency of Entrepreneurial Activity

D.A. Gudzovsky

The relevance of our research consists in applying the provisions of long-term planning theory in the practice of entrepreneurial activity of a business entity as the main functional tool of its economic development. Proper use of the theoretical basis of long-term planning in practice results in...

Managing Innovations in Institutions of Higher Education

A.A. Panarin

Introduction of technological, organizational and informational innovations in the activity of institutions of higher professional education contributes to increasing their social and cultural appeal, widening the range of consumers of high-quality educational services and increasing amount of off-...

Managing Regional Economy: Innovation Policy

V.A. Levizov

The increasing role of regional governmental bodies in economic development predetermines the need to develop an efficient regional economic policy. However, traditional methods of managing a region do not lead to required result in the conditions of forming knowledge economy. On the basis of...

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