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Mechanism of Managing Investment of Municipal Units

B.M. Grinchel
V.A. Sycheva

In view of differences in target contents and final effect of municipal and production investment we suggest considering the investment activity of local authorities irrespective of similar business activity. For better understanding of the essence of municipal investment policy and mechanisms to...

On Problems of Functioning of Electronic Government and Their Impact on Econiomic Security of the Country

V.A. Degtereva

The vital importance of the theme of the article is caused by the necessity to meet the present challenges of the performance of the Russian Federation e-government. The article has been based on methodological approaches and proceedings of scientists in the field of the theory of e-government...

On the History of Development of the Institution of Refusal in Initiation of a Criminal Case in the Russian Legislation

A.V. Shakhmatova
E.A. Belousova

In order to realize the nature of modern state of the problem of development of institution of refusal in initiation of a criminal case it is necessary to comprehend its evaluation periods and specifics. The article contains the study of historical stages of application of the institution of...

Problems of Delimitation of the Legal Regime and Other Related Categories in Law

V.P. Belyaev
G.S. Belyaeva

The article deals with problems of differentiation between legal regime and related legal categories. The purpose of the research is to reveal essential elements of the legal regime and to distinguish them from other related legal categories. The study is based on the systems approach as well as...

Problems of Managing Social Potential of Regional Economy

I.V. Baranova

Currently Russian social and economic system is facing the need for transformations based on innovations, which requires creating certain pre-requisites both on national and regional level. Human capital created within social infrastructure is the driving force of innovation economy. So we can talk...

Problems of Scientific Support of the Strategic Regulation of Economy Development of Administrative-Territorial Formations

R.B. Rotenberg

The article gives proof of the necessity to ensure scientific support of administrative territorial formations (ATF) economic development strategic regulation. The author reveals specific character of strategic regulation with regard to ATF and analyses the basic issues of scientific support of the...

Prospects of Developing Transport Infrastructure in Russian Regions

S.V. Kelbakh

The development of transport infrastructure in Russian regions is an important factor of influence on their prospective development. The relevance of the topic is determined by the fact that the role of infrastructure as material basis of social productive forces considerably grows under the...

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