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Prospects of Outstaffing in Hotel Management

A.V. Fedorenko

The research is dedicated to studying the prospects of outstaffing and outsourcing in managing hotel business taking into consideration modern legal and business trends. The future of outstaffing as well as of outsourcing is conditioned by a range of factors including the problem of legal...

Questions of qualification of Pregnancy as a Consequence of Rape

A.E. Kozlov

The article covers one of the most topical and work-in-progress issues in the modern criminal law: a matter of qualification of pregnancy as a result of rape. The structure of the article is based on the general-to-specific principle. It is composed of indication of plurality of experts’...

Reasoning of the Directions of Development of the Regional Energy Efficiency System Centres

A.N. Larionov

The urgency of this research is caused by the discrepancy between the ways and methods being currently used in the management of energy saving in housing and communal services in Russia and the requirements of modern regional economy to their functioning. Another important reason for the...

Regional Development: Tasks of Economic Modernization and Social Strategy

O.V. Zaborovskaya

The actuality of the topic of the article has been dictated by the necessity to find ways of solving modern regional socio-economic systems development tasks that ensure, on the one hand, long-term innovation based on competitiveness and, on the other hand, assures stability and balance. The...

Regional Economic Policy: Problems of Formation under Globalization

Pavel Nazarov
Vladislav Levizov

The role of regional economic policy increases in the conditions of globalization. Nevertheless a whole range of theoretical problems connected with the management of economic systems creates obstacles to increasing the efficiency of managing regional economy. We look at peculiar features of...

Regional Peculiarities of Purposeful Formation of Human Capital Assets

G.V. Gratsinskaya
V.F. Puchkov

Strategic planning of regional economic development requires special attention to ensuring of hitting the plan targets with appropriate human capital by volume and quality. In order to meet this challenge it is necessary to recognize the present state of human capital and factors which determine...

Specifics of Development of Domestic Film Exhibiting Market as an Innovative Component of the Service Sector

A.D. Evmenov
K.B. Smirnov

Actuality of the research issue has been caused by the necessity to explore terms and factors of making national film exhibiting market with its structure being subject to permanent changes. It relates both to specific character of the market of this creative product and to challenging problems...

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