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Strategic Innovation and Creative Partnership of Market Subjects in Marketing Systems

V.Ye. Naumov
V.G. Shubaeva

Developing and implementing innovations requires involving such intellectual, financial, production, marketing resources which can’t be available for a single company, that is why creating alliances of different companies having mutually complementary innovation potential is becoming widespread....

Strategy of Forming Innovation Component when Creating Scientific and Educational Complex in Region

R.N. Averbukh

We analyze possibilities of innovation development of professional education on the basis of integration of educational institutions in a region. We reveal and substantiate innovation components of integration processes in regional educational systems. Special attention is paid to the analysis of...

Tactics and Procedure of Public Prosecutor's Supervision Over Performance of the Insolvency (bankruptsy) of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs Law by Arbitration Managers

A.V. Logvinovich
V.S. Logvinovich

This article deals with the most topical issues of application of the law on Insolvency (bankruptcy) of legal entities in the course of taking Prosecutor’s supervisory measures. The Insolvency law and the effectiveness of its application by the Public Prosecutor’s office has been analyzed with...

Technical Problems of Implementation of Constitutional and Legal Responsibility of the President of the Russian Federation

L.A. Golubeva

One of the most topical and work-in-progress issues - constitutional legal responsibility of the President of the Russian Federation is being studied in this article. The structure of the article reflects a deductive method of the research. Thus in the first part, we emphasize a pluralism of...

The Main Directions and Features of State Support for Development of Small Industrial Enterprises

N.V. Voitolovskiy
J.I. Fomina

The authors proceed from the fact that changes in economic management terms as well as their stabilization and progressive development require adaptation of each enterprise separately along with business segments and branches of industry as a whole. They stress upon that development and improvement...

The Organizational Directions of the Ensuring Sustainable Balanced Development of the Region Based on Improving the Quality of Human Capital Assets

M.N. Kuznetsova

Sustainable balanced development is a key issue for Russia as it deals with an ever increasing differentiation of regions development along with population’s incomes. Thus it is important to provide organizational support of ensuring sustainable balanced development of regions. In the first...

The State Support of Innovation Development

S.R. Niyazova

The significance of the theme of the article results from the necessity to solve a problem of improving the state support for innovation development. The authors take the theory of innovations and state regulation of economy as a methodological basis for the research with comparative, logical and...

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