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A.S. Romashkov
candidate for PhD at the Department of Management and Planning of Social and Economic Processes named after Yu. Lavrikov of St. Petersburg State University of Economics


  • consulting services
  • consulting services market
  • consulting activity
  • quality management system
  • quality assessment
  • quality of management
  • The relevance of the topic is grounded on the need to develop effective forms and methods of managing the quality of consulting services under post-crisis development. The research is aimed at providing methods to streamline the management of consulting services quality taking into consideration the requirements to the quality of processes, the quality of services and the quality of managing the organizations in the sector in question.
    Having researched intersystem correlations and interconnections between the structural elements of consulting services market as well as specific features of providing consulting services to governmental bodies, business entities and public, we offer an original approach to introduce a quality management model for providers of consulting services enabling to offer consumers better opportunities to purchase consulting services, to contribute to continuous improvement of services quality, to cut overheads and losses resulting from inefficient rendering of consulting services.
    Using methods of management diagnostics and consulting in the research enabled us to correct the tools of forming and implementing a complex system of managing the quality of consulting services depending on characteristics, specific features and the scale of a specific enterprise as well as the availability of initial information.

    188300 Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, st. Roshchinskaya, 5