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Sergey Grishin
head of the Department of Economics and Organization of Tourism of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, PhD in Economics
St. Petersburg


  • tourist activity
  • optimum
  • criterion function
  • optimization
  • restrictions
  • utility in tourism sphere
  • There is no doubt about the relevance of researching the concept of optimization in tourist activity under modern conditions as it is based on the current development of the tourist market on the whole. The search for optimal solutions in economics is common, which means that the problem of tourism optimization is a part of the general trend. The optimization of tourist activity ensures rational allocation or resources, first of all, financial ones. We aim at substantiating the importance of optimization of tourist activity.
    In the research we use such methods as classification, grouping as well as mathematical methods when considering the criterion function of management.
    We consider the basics of the optimization theory as applied to tourist activity. A wide range of parameters and characteristics of tourism as objects for optimization are offered. We prove the thesis that maximum utility is the criterion function of optimization. Special attention is paid to indicators characterizing utility and restrictions in tourist activity including the ones based on Pareto optimization model.

    188300 Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, st. Roshchinskaya, 5