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A.B. Kamyshova
an Associate Professor at Overall Economic Theory Department, "Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics", Doctor of Economics


  • government control
  • contrasting plan with market
  • command and market regulators
  • based on the export of raw-materials economy
  • The relevance of the problem of seeking and substantiating government control techniques under the transformation of foreign economic relations is based on the necessity to define the role of the state as a controller of the transition from the development model based on the export of raw materials to the innovative one in the global instability environment. The research is aimed at working out techniques of government control in foreign economic relations transformation.
    On the basis of official statistical data and by means of economic and mathematical models the author gives analysis and substantiates the role of the state in formation of the development model based on the export of raw materials. The article provides results of the study of transformation of plan-based and market approaches ratio at all levels of economic cooperation under the influence of globalization processes.
    The author draws a distressing conclusion that in the course of transition from command to market economic models in Russia the State made room for the market which, in its tuгn, predetermined formation of the development model based on the export of raw materials. In the course of the study an approach has been offered whereby the state might influence private sector of the economy in imperfect economic systems environment only by means of regulating volume variables to wit by implementation of government control instruments.
    The author has used methods of science abstracting, historical and logical approaches, aggregation method, the method of comparative statics as well as the combination of positive and normative approaches.

    188300 Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, st. Roshchinskaya, 5