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T.A. Lavrova
professor of the Department of Management and Planning of Social and Economic Processes named after Yu. Lavrikov of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, associate professor
St. Petersburg


  • cluster
  • territorial-production complex
  • cluster policy
  • region
  • innovation development
  • enterprise
  • Under modern conditions competitive advantages of regional economy are mainly determined by its ability to quickly create and introduce new technologies. To boost the ability in question there is a need for regional integration of local companies and organizations performing different functions and united by a technological process that will result in a science-based product created by a joint effort of all the participants. The main direction to improve economic processes in the region is an active creation of clusters as a modern model of integrated production which is undoubtedly relevant for the market economy.
    We prove the need for complex development of territories taking into consideration the formation of a balanced sectoral cluster that will contribute to increasing the standard of living and boosting regional social and economic development.
    The research is based on integrated approach enabling to compare and find analogy between territorial-production complexes and clusters.
    In our work we also applied such methods as comparative analysis, classification, grouping as well as system approach to investigating the formation of clusters.

    188300 Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, st. Roshchinskaya, 5