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Ludmila Krolivetskaya
Olga Zolotareva
Head of Finance and Banking Department, State Institute of Economics, Finance, Law and Technologies, Doctor of Economics, Professor
Head of Banking Department Polessky State University
Pinsk, Belarus


  • monetary policy
  • types and tools of non-traditional monetary policy
  • antirecession measures
  • The articles deals with the main reasons of why Western countries as well as Russia were pursuing a non-traditional monetary policy during the global financial and economic crisis of 2007-2009, with its contents along with some of its tools being examined and characterized.
    The particular focus has been placed on the monetary policy problems in Russia, where the depth of the financial crisis turned out to be pretty severe and lead to making unprecedented non-traditional antirecession steps. The authors describe in details and analyze antirecession measures as well as provide assessment of the results of implementing antirecession policy in Russia.

    188300 Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, st. Roshchinskaya, 5