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Yulia Perelygina
brand manager at Autobiographia Pulkovo, plc


  • car market
  • association of reliability
  • strategy
  • bonus
  • seasonality
  • market share increase
  • dealer
  • competitiveness
  • manufacturer
  • brand promotion
  • purchase
  • advertising campaign
  • Current economic conditions resulted in the situation when for the companies it is not sufficient just to offer high-quality products to increase the sales volume and profits. Now businesses have to make the customers aware of the benefits they get when acquiring the product. Car business is not an exception so it is essential to develop an efficient competitive strategy taking into consideration the characteristics of the market.
    The relevance of the topic is based on the current practice of developing competitive strategies in the car market that is connected with the problem of creating an efficient promotion system resulting from the lack of accepted methodology and practice in the sphere in question. There is a range of characteristics to be considered. We distinguish five of them such as a special role of dealers in the market, a strong association between the marketed brand and reliability, a system of bonuses, a combination of branding, stimulating and corporate advertising and seasonal nature of sales. We also specify the goal of international manufacturers and tasks that should be completed to achieve it. We believe that considering the characteristics in question will make it possible to develop an efficient competitive strategy.

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