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A.A. Nikolaev
a PhD student at the Department of Labour Economics, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics


  • economic security strategy
  • energy market
  • crisis events
  • economic reforms
  • national security
  • The relevance of the research is substantiated by the fact that in the modern context one of the major tasks related to the strategy of the national security in Russia in difficult economic environment is to reduce national economy's dependence on export and raw potential of the country; all the more that the current global instability has been unprecedented against the background of the collapse of the State authority in certain countries and the growing number of uncontrollable territories.
    The article provides the analysis of the global economy and financial markets against the background of the decline of energy prices which has direct negative impact on the Russian economy and might affect both national defense and its role in foreign policy.
    The research has been based on the use of such methods as comparative analysis and classification. In addition the author has used the systems approach to the research of priority commitments of the Russian Government to realize national export and raw potential in extremely difficult economic environment. To meet the mentioned commitments one must focus all its energy and efforts on since it is quite clear that 2016 will be a serious challenge for the social and economic development of the country. Besides the author has substantiated the need for comprehensive development of strategic tasks which are as follows: the development of priority lines of economic activity, ensuring economic security, raising economy to a higher standard of technological development, ensuring Russian's accession to a group of world leaders in terms of GDP volume, successful resistance to internal and external risks.

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