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G.A. Karpova
V.M. Razumovsky
the Head of Department of Economics and Services Management, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Full Professor
the Head of the Department of Regional Economics and Environmental Management, Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Full Professor


  • strategic planning
  • spatial planning
  • environmental substantiation
  • environmental management
  • nature diversity
  • environmental situation
  • environmental and economic approach
  • landscape
  • regional development
  • The article focuses on strengthening the environmental component of the strategic planning process through environmental substantiation of strategic decisions dealing with social and economic development of the region. The relevance of the article is justified by a number of changes which occurred in our country touching upon terms and conditions of strategic planning with regard to transformations of political, economic and social nature. In addition the particular relevance of the research is substantiated by an increased level of ecological influence over the processes of regional development, which have not been properly explored yet in contemporary strategic planning documents.
    One of the basic methods of greening strategic planning under consideration is harnessing environmental and economic approach while working out strategic lines of regional development.
    The structure of the article is comprised of the brief analysis of current controversies dealing with spatial organization of society in the context of regional development, further interpretation of the latter in the system of spatial planning and the authors' point on strategic planning. In conclusion the proposals relating to greening strategic planning have been introduced.

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