INFLUENCE OF SANCTIONS ON RUSSIAN LABOUR MARKET | Журнал правовых и экономических исследований

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D.V. Kruglov
senior lecturer at the Department of Labour Economics, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor
St. Petersburg


  • labor market
  • economic crisis
  • recession
  • labour relations
  • economic inequality
  • sanctions
  • national economy
  • public sector
  • We consider the main factors influencing the labour market. Economic crisis has at all times distorted the balance of relations in the society. Economic downturn leads to deterioration of labor relations. Today the problem of economic inequality of Russian towns and cities is especially acute. Rural development is possible as long as the interaction of natural environment, human capital and production potential is secured for a long time period. The labour market in these areas is not active enough. The problems of the labor market cannot be solved without assistance. Hence, such territories especially subsidized ones should be supported at the governmental level.

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