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Yu.O. Mikhina
candidate for PhD, special Gazprom department, St. Petersburg State University of Economics
St. Petersburg


  • effectiveness of healthcare system
  • healthcare system in the Russian Federation
  • average life expectancy
  • state expenditure for healthcare
  • cost of medical services
  • healthcare development concept
  • The growing importance of medical aid quality and the quality of life while implementing the current concept of developing the healthcare system of the Russian Federation determines the relevance of our research. For both developing and developed countries, the problem of increasing the effectiveness of public administration in healthcare is an acute one. Currently there is no single effective healthcare system, which results in the need to carry out reforms even in the countries with high health level and standard of living.
    We analyze the key indicators (average life expectancy, governmental expenses on healthcare as percentage of GDP per capita, cost of medical services per capita) reflecting the effectiveness of healthcare system in different countries. We make the conclusion that goals, tasks and mechanisms of development may be similar or may differ considerably depending on the system of healthcare services provision. The search for an optimal model both in developed and developing countries is connected with the failure to develop a single approach to building a healthcare system to ensure the most effective system of medical aid provision.

    188300 Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, st. Roshchinskaya, 5