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Applied information technologies as tool of price competition analysis

Ye.V. Benza

We consider the possibility of using applied information technologies to improve the competitive ability of business by analyzing price competition. We substantiate the effectiveness of a complex of applied programs enabling to establish and service e-shops.

Assessment of competitiveness factors of car-repair business

L.A. Selivanova
R.R. Ablaev
A.M. Kolesnikov

The Russian car service market is large, growing and highly competitive, which determines the relevance of assessing competitive ability of business and finding growth reserves. We analyze the concept of competitive ability as it is seen by Russian and international researchers and define the...

Assessment of potential risks of investment project in agro-industrial complex applying Monte-Carlo method

A.A. Zaitsev
N.D. Dmitriev

Investment risks represent one of the main problems arising in the process of implementing complex projects in agro-industrial complex under dynamic environment. We introduce a simulation model to assess the level of possible risks. The use of mathematical methods will enable us to give both...

Conditions of effectiveness of organizational changes caused by regional factors

Ye.Ya. Butko
G.A. Kononova
V.V. Tsiganov

We distinguish and reveal the key conditions of effectiveness of organizational changes caused by regional factors. When researching organizational change management, the type of changes initiated by organization managers due to the need to solve the problems stated in the documents reflecting...

Developing competitive advantages of entrepreneurial structures

A.A. Gorbunov
Ye.V. Pesotskaya
A.Kh. Khakimov

We reveal the competitive nature of entrepreneurship and the process of competitive advantages development. We describe the mechanisms of forming competitive advantages of high and low order and show the structure of competitive environment. Special attention is paid to innovation factors being...

Development of method of assessing effectiveness of enterprise’s risks management

Z.N. Omarova

We consider the method of assessing the effectiveness of managing enterprise’s risks aimed at the adaptation of enterprise’s risks management system to the modification of external environment affecting risks organization. We prove the significance of assessing the effectiveness of managing...

Deviant behaviour as a present-day society legal and socio-psychological issue

O.V. Batova
E.A. Kolomytseva
S.A. Moskalenko

The article is devoted to one of the biggest challenges of our time – the deviant behavior of the individual. The study focuses on the basic theories of deviant behavior related corrective measures and suggests how the challenges aforesaid should be addressed given sociological and legal...

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