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Assessment of Efficiency of Applying Tools of Internet Products Development

A.G. Haydarov
A.I. Moskvicheva
L.S. Gogua

We carry out the study of the relevant problem of assessing the effectiveness of using tools for developing Internet products. We consider specialized tools needed for designing Internet products, estimate the cost of owning a website by the example of two types of Internet products and analyze...

Allocative Efficiency Ensuring Methods in Regulation of Regional Social and Economic Development

G.A. Kononova
V.V. Tsiganov
L.V. Kovalenko

The article provides clarification of the notion of allocative efficiency and defines its place in economic theory. The paper focuses on the forms of efficiency resulting from better allocation of resources. It is shown that the level of the allocative efficiency is one of the key factors of...

Application of Modern Motivation Theories when Making Managerial Decisions

T.R. Gambarov

We consider the need to stimulate labor as a factor contributing to the increase of business effectiveness. We carry out the analysis of six famous theories of personnel motivation and pay attention to their essence and specific features. On the basis of the analysis we make a conclusion that...

Applying Information Technologies in Tourist Organizations

M.G. Vorontzova
A.V. Kuchumov
Ya.S. Testina

We carry out the analysis of the websites of more than 70 tour agencies in the Russian Federation based on 11 criteria to assess the competitiveness of tourist companies under the digitalization of economy and tourism. The research results can be implemented in practice when planning processes...

Challenges of Getting General Education for Russian Citizens Outside their Residence

M.A. Voronin
L.A. Golubeva
S.S. Rudometov

The article analyzes challenges for Russian citizens to realize the constitutional right to education while being outside their permanent residence. Two categories of such problems are reviewed in the article: when citizens are in medical or other health care institutions; and while living in...

Characteristics of Using Models of State-Private Partnership in Departmental Sports Organizations

V.I. Kosogortzev
T.V. Bogdanova

Under current economic conditions departmental sports organizations can work effectively due to co-funding by the government and private business. We analyze various models of state-private partnership and possibilities of their application in departmental sports organizations. We research the...

Conceptual Approaches to Developing Social Services System

O.S. Reznikova
A.K. Ganieva

We reveal the essence of economic nature of social services in the works of Russian and international researchers. We substantiate the definition of social services and distinguish the criteria of historical development of social stabilizers up to and including the post-industrial period. We...

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