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Advantages of Integrated System of Business’s Intellectual Digital Twin in Operational and Strategic Management of Economic Entities

A.A. Averyanov
M.I. Mikryukov
I.N. Rogova

The research is targeted at finding relevant modern management techniques to improve the effectiveness of managerial decisions based on the principles of energy efficiency. The examples of positive and negative aspects of applying an integrated system of intelligent digital twin are offered. The...

Analysis of Contract of Car Fittings Supply based on Taguchi Loss Function

E.M. Abaluyeva

We consider the decision-making concerning the terms of car fittings supply contract based on Taguchi loss function to maximize the consumer’s profitability and reveal the most favorable conditions for implementing the contract.

Analysis of Development Trends of High Technology Industries

O.A. Tzukanova
E.A. Zakharova

We analyze the trends of high technology industries development. We define the concept of high technology industry and reveal the characteristics of pricing in the sphere in question. The problems hampering the development of high technology industry in Russia are revealed. We look at positive...

Antropology of Law: Seeking New Methodology

L.A. Golubeva
A.E. Chernokov

The article focuses on the process of formation of legal anthropology in modern Russia. It focuses on existing outlooks upon both the subject and the methodology of legal anthropology and performs correlation of the ones with the concepts of legal scholars representing different schools of...

Assessment of Influence of Factors Connected with Business Sector on Return on Shareholders' Equity

A.M. Kolesnikov
E.A. Posnaya
D.V. Cheremisinova

We prove the idea that the effectiveness of banking system is one of the key parameters describing the depth of financial development. The key role is played by the return on assets and the return on shareholders' equity reflecting the return on bank assets as well as stockholders’ investment....

Concept, Development and Advantages of Digital Economy in Russian Federation

O.V. Averyanova

We consider the problems of developing digital economy in the Russian Federation and the way e-economy affects the development of business in modern Russian society. On the basis of the analysis of various approaches, we reveal advantages and disadvantages of the digitalization of economy. We...

Contemporary Issues of Revealing Crimes of Legalisation of Funds Acquired as a Result of Commiting Corruption Related Offences

M.L. Rodichev

Corruption is recognized as one of the threats to national security of the Russian Federation thereby countering this type of offenses is claimed to be one of priority activities of the law enforcement bodies. The article focuses on the relevant matters related to revealing one of the most...

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