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Application of the Basic Spatial Model for Creating Regional Poles of Innovative Development in the Russian Federation

T.A. Sorvina

The relevance of this article is determined by the fact that the socio-economic development of the regions of the Russian Federation under present conditions involves the creation of development poles within its constituent entities, which are considered to be a source of sustainable growth on...

Belt and Road Initiative: The Study of Cooperation in the Realm of Tourism in Trans-boundary Environment Between Russia ans China

Hou Jianying

The trans-boundary tourism between Russia and China has been supported at a state level and it has had territorial advantages which offer great opportunities for self-expression of the people. At the same time some sort of disagreements do appear as a result of the states policy and...

Competitive Partnership of Business Organizations

A.Kh. Khakimov

We reveal methodological approaches to the identification of competition. We substantiate the correctness of using the term “competitive partnership”, specify its meaning and the method of its development. We consider the possibility of organizing competitive partnership under vertical and...

Conceptual Approaches to the Formation of the Mechanism of Enhancing the Effectivenes of the Organization in the Sphere of Culture

K.B. Kostin
N.V. Sabelnikova

The article substantiates the relevance of revising current approaches to the cultural management in the context of digital economy development. It further explores special features of modern culture as an object of management, reveals and codifies key issues of cultural management. The study...

Constitutional Court of Russian Federation as Object of Public Control (Constitutional and Legal Analysis)

V.V. Goncharov

We look at relevant problems concerning public control over the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation. We prove that the activity, acts and decisions of the Constitutional court of Russia should be objects of control. Thus, the mechanism of public control over the body in question...

Contract Interpretation

V.A. Maksimov

The article is devoted to the study of two opposite approaches used by civil science in interpretation of a contact: ratio of volition and expression of the will of parties. The author comes to the conclusion that none of the legal orders currently recognizes an extreme approach in...

Copyright on Works of Architecture and Problems of their Protection

V.В. Goltsov
N.М. Golovanov
V.G. Belyakov

We consider issues concerning the definition of works of architecture and their kinds. We analyze the problem of exclusive, personal non-property and other rights to works of architecture. Special attention is paid to the lack of proper regulation of ways to protect certain copyright. We suggest...

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