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Complexity Matters in Forensic Examinations

O.V. Chelisheva
S.V. Bachiev
Professor, the Department of Criminal Procedure Law, North West Branch of Russian State Academy of Justice, Doctor of Law, Full Professor
Senior researcher, Russian Research Center of Roentgenology and Radiology of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, PhD in medical sciences
St. Petersburg


  • forensic expertise
  • expertise of a corps
  • expertise of survivors
  • complex expertise
  • laboratory studies
  • The article focuses on relevant concerns with regard to conducting complex forensic investigations as an option for conducting commission expertise. The category of complexity is being studied using an example of different types of forensic investigations including in particular forensic expertise of a corps as well as the expertise of a victim in crimes against sexual integrity. Forensic medical investigations are in high demand in judicial reviews with regard to violent crimes.
    Very often expert’s reports and conclusions become the cornerstone of the whole evidence database. The procedure of ordering the expert assessment and conducting investigations of this kind when being entrusted to the commission composed of experts in different fields is considered within academic and expert investigative circles to be quite a specific and controversial matter.
    The authors provide analysis of viewpoints on the matters owned by different professionals in the field of expertology.
    The article presents new approaches to determining criteria of complex expertise in theory as well as in procedural regulation of these studies.

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