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Analysis and Assessment of Unevenness of Development of Regions (by the example of Northwestern Federal District)

G.A. Kolomenskiy
L.A. Selivanova
N.V. Vasilyeva

We carry out the analysis of economic situation in Northwestern Federal District by building a neo-classic Solow-Tinbergen model of economic growth. We assess the unevenness of economic development and distinguish the range of factors determining it. The problem of uneven development of regions...

Analysis of Development Trends within B2C E-commerce

O.A. Tsukanova
A.A. Serikova
E.K. Torosyan

The article presents new tendencies of the development within local and cross-border B2C e-commerce markets with statistical information about markets allocation by products categories being highlighted. Furthermore the authors examine the regional structure of e-commerce in Russia with focusing...

Application of Qualimetry Methods when Assessing Professional Compliance in Agro-Industrial Complex Organizations in Leningrad Region

N.S. Makarenko

We consider the problem of effective distribution of personnel in agricultural enterprises by applying qualimetry methods.
The method in question was used in practice at leading enterprises of the agro-industrial and fishery complex of Leningrad Region. The level of the development of food...

Applying Monitoring Tools in Managing Continuing Vocational Education

M.O. Ivanova

We demonstrate specific characteristics of the system of continuing vocational education. Planned-management cycle as element of strategic management of continuing vocational education is considered. We analyze the possibility of using monitoring in connection with the stages of planned-...

Assessment of Economic Efficiency of Innovation Technologies in Energy Sector

V.A. Semenova

The introduction of innovations in electric power industry represents a relevant topic for study both in Russia and globally. They contribute to staying competitive in international market of energy carriers, ensuring effective high-quality supply of energy to domestic industry and population,...

Codification in the Context of Systematization of Legislation Governing Legal Status of Internal Affairs Body Official Performing Investigative Work

A.I. Kurtyak

The article provides scientific analysis of legal norms dealing with regulation of the legal status of Internal Affairs Body officials performing investigative work with a number of relevant academic issues being revealed. On the basis of the analysis performed the author proposes a certain...

Complexity Matters in Forensic Examinations

O.V. Chelisheva
S.V. Bachiev

The article focuses on relevant concerns with regard to conducting complex forensic investigations as an option for conducting commission expertise. The category of complexity is being studied using an example of different types of forensic investigations including in particular forensic...

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