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Development of Digital Technologies as Factor of Regional Market Transformation

V.V. Tsiganov
L.V. Kovalenko
A.V. Takhtarev

We research the nature of the influence of active development of digital technologies on the regional market structure and the system of interaction of its participants. The essence of the main changes in the market in question is specified. The way the regional market transformation affects...

Digital Economy: Challenge or Threat to Economic Security? Normative Approach

A.N. Litvinenko
Y.A. Lozina

The relevance of reviewing digital economy in the context of ongoing challenges and threats to economic security is based on the increased comprehensive digitalization in all spheres of public life. It also stems from the importance of introducing advanced information technologies to ensure...

Digital Economy: Evolution, Current State and Development Potential

V.V. Makarov
T.N. Starkova
N.K. Ustrikov

We examine the state and problems of digital economy development in Russia. The formation of digital economy consisting in the transfer of various types of socio-economic activities using information-communication technologiesto the Internetenvironmentis analyzed. We offer statistical data and...

Digital Technologies Application in Collaboration of Customs and Taxation Bodies During Customs Control after Release of Goods

E.V. Zhereben
N.G. Lipatova

The article provides analysis of the current state of digitalization processes that occur within federal executive authorities based as an example on customs and taxation bodies activities while performing customs control after the goods are released. It is well demonstrated that in today's...

Exchange Rate Regime as Factor Determining Direction of Exogenous Shocks Influence on Raw-Exports Economy of Russian Federation

A.B. Kamyshova

The growing dependence of the dynamics and structure of Russian economy on exogenous shocks under unstable international business situation determines the relevance of the research.
We distinguish problems connected with the transition of the Bank of Russia to floating exchange rate under...

Factors Influencing Sales Volume of Tourist Services

G.A. Karpova
M.V. Voloshinova
A.V. Kuchumov

The relevance of the research is based on the fact that the income, profit, turnover and sales profitability of a travel agency depend on sales volume under increasing competition on the tourist market.
We look at issues to be considered when directly influencing the consumers of tourist...

Forming Key Principles of Organization and Development of Urban Environment

V.M. Medvedev

The relevance of the research lies in the need to apply modern approaches to identifying strategic priorities of increasing the effectiveness of urban environment management based on substantiated and logical system of universal principles.
We carry out a detailed study and prove the...

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