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Legal Regulation of Writ Proceedings in Civil and Administrative Proceedings

L.A. Krasikova
L.V. Voitovich

The article focuses on problematic issues of legal regulation of writ proceedings in civil procedure, arbitration procedure and administrative procedure legislation. The authors make reasonable proposals with regard to unification of legal regulation concerning requirements to the content of the...

Liberalism as Main Threat to National, Economic and Personal Security

V.I. Sigov

When being interviewed for the Financial Times, president Putin said that the idea of liberalism in his opinion has become the thing of the past for good. However, the importance of distinguishing “bad” modern Russian liberalism and “humane” liberalism of Western Europe with its values of...

Management of Psychological Security of Regional Educational Environment by the example of Leningrad Region

S.V. Tarasov

We consider relevant for Russian society issues concerning the need to secure psychologically safe environment in educational institutions.
We bring into focus the tasks faced by education management bodies to resist numerous social risks threatening modern children. We describe the...

Method of Target Ranking Based on A Priori Information as Key Element of Assessing State Programs Efficiency

A.L. Klochkova
O.B. Chernenko

We look at the issues of determining the effectiveness of state programs implementation both at federal and regional levels. Using the research results, we substantiate the relevance of the unified method of assessing the effectiveness of state programs relying on target ranking based on a...

Methodological Approaches to Identifying Competition in Business Organizations

A.Kh. Khakimov

We describe methodological approaches to identifying competition. We prove the relevancy of applying the term “competitive partnership”, specify its meaning and formation methods. We demonstrate the possibility to organize competitive partnership under vertical and horizontal integration and in...

Modelling of Value of IT Services for Business

O.P. Ilyin
M.I. Barabanova

The assessment of effectiveness of IT services, their value from the point of view of business performance, the problems of selecting the range of services, the amount and intensity of their consumption, etc., determine the relevance of the research. The optimal business effect of IT services is...

New and Traditional Professional Exhibitions in Cinema Tourism Services

A.V. Shraer
A.A. Somova

Cinema tourism as a specific kind of tourist activity represents a focus of scientific research, though it is barely covered in scientific publications. We consider problems of developing cinema tourism, forming cinema locations as well as possibilities of using the resources of film festivals...

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