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On Constitutionality of Certain Powers of Investigator in Criminal Procedural Legislation of Russia

A.E. Arsienkov
R.N. Muru

The relevance of the article stems from the fact that the legal institution of an absolute independence of the investigator in terms of criminal investigation proceedings has been updated due to the revealed discrepancy between its content and some provisions of the Russian Constitution.

On Debatable Provisions of the General Part of Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

A.V. Petrovskiy

Preventive strategy method in countering crime is a promising trend being applied in North American countries as well as in Great Britain. The aim and the essence of this preventive activity is to eliminate criminal risks threatening the society. In order to minimize criminal risks a set of...

On Development of Non-Resource Export in Russia: VAT Application

N.O. Yakushev

We look at the current state and development of Russian non-resource export and features of tax incentives when calculating the value added tax. The research results in suggesting a way of possible development of non-resource export in Russia taking into account tax incentives aimed at regional...

On Systematization of International Public Law

I.V. Botantsov

We analyze the issue of systematization of international law that is subject to debates in theoretical science and practice. The ambiguity of approaches to studying the structure of international public law and the need in the differentiation of branches and other elements of the international...

Predictive Assessments of Achieving Strategic Goals by Business Entities

E.N. Krolivetsky
L.P. Sazhneva

The article provides an overview of the role and purpose of assessing the medium- and long-term prediction of achieving economic results as well as of the efficiency of business entities in the course of strategic planning. Types of relevant forecasts are described with the focus on increased...

Regulation of Signs of Banditry’s Corpus Delicti in Criminal Codes of RSFSR in 1922, 1926 (Legislative and Doctrinal Aspects)

P.V. Maksimov

The relevance of the research topic derive, on the one hand, from numerous changes to the current Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, whereby indicating its instability, and, on the other hand, it deals with high level of violent crime in Russia, including banditry. In its first part the...

Relevant Issues of Cooperation by Investigator and Other Participants in Criminal Proceedings

E.Y. Rodina
E.V. Lantukh

On the basis of thorough analysis of criminal cases content and materials along with examining the results of internal affairs staff survey and mass media materials the authors identify the most common challenges emerging between the staff involved into investigation activities. Particular...

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