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Social Infrastructure as Constituent of Administrative Component of Regional Social Potential

I.V. Baranova

We reveal factors that we interpret as subpotential representing the administrative component of regional social potential. We consider several approaches to defining social infrastructure. We describe the place of social infrastructure within administrative constituent of social potential. The...

Specific Features of International Legal Institute for Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage at the Turn of XX–XXI Centuries

N.P. Mayurov
P.N. Mayurov
D.A. Makarov

The article deals with problematique of normative consolidation of the institute of historical and cultural properties. The author identifies the attributive elements of this legal institution. The analysis of normative definition of object of legal protection of historical and cultural...

Stages of Formation and Development of Judicial System of the Russian Federation: the First Stage – the 1990s

K.K. Lebedev
V.I. Rusakov

The article examines key milestones in the development of the judicial system of the Russian Federation since the independence and sovereignty of Russia in the 1990s. It stresses upon the importance of creation of a new branch of judiciary in Russia – the system of state arbitration courts and...

Standardization as Driver of Professional Activity Development

A.V. Pushinin

We consider issues of standardization of staff professional activity. We study the professional standard of Accountant approved in spring of 2019 as an example reflecting the process of unification and standardization of requirements to employees. We assess the professional standard in question...

Tariff Regulation of Housing Sector in Leningrad Region in Digital Environment

A.A. Kopkov

The article examines certain indicators which enable applying digitalization procedure in the field of tariff regulation, one whereof deals with considerable costs reduction in the field of cooperation between business and State. It is highlighted that at the regional and federal levels a number...

The Concept, Nature and Specific Features of Legal Responsibility in Implementation Mechanism of Human Rights Activities

V.R. Dzionik

The article focuses on various approaches to the definition of «legal responsibility» with the fundamental principles whereof being analysed. The author justifies the approach whereby legal responsibility has been considered and assessed from two standpoints: retrospective and prospective....

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