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The Efficiency of Creating Financial Ecosystem within Russian Banks

N.P. Radkovskaya
V.E. Leontiev
O.E. Fomicheva

The article deals with the organization of the process of creating a partner ecosystem within Russian banks in the context of the development of digital technologies. The authors systematized the key elements of partner ecosystems of leading Russian banks, justified the main stages of ecosystem...

The Future of Russian and Worldwide Dark Tourism

K.B. Kostin
N. Li

The article provides definition of the "dark tourism" concept with its types and specifics being highlighted herein. On the basis of statistical data there has been a thorough analysis of the dark tourism global market and its dynamics. The authors' own classification of domestic dark tourism...

The Study of International Mechanizm of Arbitration of Investment Disputes between Chinese Enterprises and Russia in Modern Context

Yue Qiang

Russia is a strategic node in China’s Belt and Road initiative. With the continuous development of economic cooperation with China Russia has recently become an important investment target for Chinese enterprises. More and more Chinese enterprises investing in Russia choose arbitration as an...

The Use of Augmented Reality Technologies in Russian Retail Business

E.V. Korchagina
T.A. Novikova
A.S. Tel’nova

The article deals with the analysis of the use of augmented reality technologies by retailers in Russia with positive effects of the use of these technologies being described in the context of increasing the buyer’s interest and involvement into the process of purchasing, checking the product’s...

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