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Self-Regulation Legal Regime Reform in Construction Industry

Y.I. Mkhitaryan
Rector, the Private Educational Establishment «The International Business Quality Institute», Member of the Advisory Council of the RF State Duma Committee for Education and Science, Member of the Advisory Council of the RF State Duma Committee for Transport and Construction, Member of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council for Entrepreneurial and Professional Activity Self-Regulation, Member of International Informatization Academy, Doctor of Economics


  • federal model of self-regulation
  • consumers and third parties protection legal remedies
  • self-regulation stakeholders’ interests
  • the objectives of self-regulatory organizations
  • The relevance of the article stems from the fact that the contemporary theory and practices of regulation in the realm of business relationships demonstrate the need for introducing new legal norms that would ensure further development of self-regulatory organizations to achieve strategic objectives of social and economic growth of the Russian Federation.
    The purpose of the article is to propose a new federal priority development model for self-regulatory organizations in construction industry, to define key problematic issues, to describe fundamental legal categories, to highlight the system of legal provisions in order to ensure implementation of a new approach to the development of self-regulation institution in the construction industry.
    The author provides analysis of a legal regime along with self-regulation issues and existing federal self-regulation model. As a result of the evaluation the author’s own proposals are formulated herein as to make mandatory the reforming of self-regulation system with the federal model of priority development of construction industry being introduced. The author also provides his own interpretation of fundamental legal categories determining possibility of reforming self-regulation in construction industry.

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