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Objectives, Purposes and Instruments of Implementation of «Science» National Project

S.E. Gorchakov
Director, B.P. Konstantinov Saint-Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute»


  • scientific studies
  • scientific research
  • scientific and technological development
  • «Science» national project
  • federal project
  • The article focuses on the prospects of implementation of «Science» national project. Particular attention is drawn to describing the key objectives of the project for the scientific and technological support aimed to ensure fulfillment of the aims and objectives of national priority which are developed within a goal setting framework at the federal level and which are defined in the relevant documents of strategic planning. The importance of efficient performance of functional structure is highlighted with regard to the processes of initiating, planning, implementing and completing the federal and regional projects along with government programs. The author substantiates the need for improving approaches and methods of «Science» national project management.

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