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Change of Priorities when Ensuring Security in Arctic Zone of Russian Federation

O.I. Pudovkina
V.N. Solomonova
T.M. Red’kina

The relevance of the research is determined by the need to increase the role of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in ensuring the national security. We describe the government’s measures to guaranteesecurity in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in the last five years. We believe...

Comparative Analysis of Finance Indicators of Leading Petrochemical Companies of Russia, Saudi Arabia and USA

I.R. Khairutdinov

While global petrochemical industry is being transformed, its state in every country can be assessed by analyzing the condition of leading companies. Comparing the main finance indicators we can see the direction the companies are heading and their reaction to the fall in prices of energy...

Contract Culture Imperatives in First Legislative Codes of Early Feudal Europe

S.A. Davidov

The period of early feudalism in Europe is characterized by the formation of new contractual principles of spiritual culture based on the imperatives of egoism, rationalism and equivalence. This was the result of the gradual separation of the interests of individuals and households from the...

Criminal Competition: Spheres, Analysis and Counteraction in Public Administration

Y.N. Stetsyunich
A.A. Zaitsev

Criminal competition is an element of market relations representing interest to law enforcement agencies due to its negative impact on the economy as a whole. We consider the essence of criminal competition, identify its differences from economic (fair) competition and look at the main reasons...

Criteria of Medical Services Quality Assessment

I.E. Rybal’chenko
Y.V. Chuyanov

In the modern healthcare economics there currently exists some uncertainty and controversy in the use of the concept of «medical services quality» which becomes quite evident in particular while comparing the situation in Russia with the relevant situation in the developed market economy...

Developing Approach to Segmentation of Tourist Market of Northern Baikal

E.V. Korchagina
R.A. Shignanova

We describe the development of Northern Baikal as a tourist destination. We suggest an original approach to tourist market segmentation to develop tourism in Northern Baikal. The priority tourist segments are distinguished.

Digital Rights: the Concept and Problems of Use

V.B. Goltsov
N.M. Golovanov

The article addresses innovations within the Civil Code of the Russian federation dealing with clarification of Art.128 which regulates objects of civil right to include digital rights and with introduction of Art.141.1 which gives description of digital rights as the rights of obligation. The...

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