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Criminal and Law-Based Aspects of Combating Banditry in Post-War Leningrad

M.E. Zharkoy
A.E. Kozlov
E.N. Kozlov
Associate Professor, the Department of Theory of State and Law, Saint-Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia, PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Associate Professor, the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines, State Institute of Economics, Finance, Law and Technologies, PhD in Law
Associate Professor, the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines, State Institute of Economics, Finance, Law and Technologies
St. Petersburg


  • banditry
  • criminal consequences of war
  • crime determinants
  • organized crime
  • militia
  • operational-investigative activities
  • crime repression
  • economic security
  • rights and freedoms of citizens
  • By the early 1950’s local militia (police) units in cooperation with other law enforcement authorities have managed to liquidate the most sizeable and dangerous gangs. The success has been achieved due to creation of strong operative entries within criminal environment, systematic strengthening the prosecution, enhancing the system of criminal repressions and justice responses to organised crime. Together with implementation of administrative enforcement measures along with police units law enforcement relevant activities the crime was ousted from the streets to domestic sphere. Thus, in post-war Leningrad and Leningrad region the protection of citizens’ rights foremost the right to live, human dignity, the right to housing, property etc. was ensured.
    Strong protection of the foregoing rights contributed to and promoted a further strengthening of law and order in the region which in turn instilled a local sense of confidence and belief of citizens into effectiveness of state power and law.
    The article focuses on crime, law-based and criminology related aspects of combating banditry in Leningrad and Leningrad region during the first post-war period. In the framework of historical parallel the author demonstrates a serious social danger of such kind of criminal activity which is still a threat to national interests and security.

    188300 Russia, Leningrad region, Gatchina, st. Roshchinskaya, 5