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Comparative Analysis of Methods and Approaches to Assessing Effectiveness of Informatization

O.A. Tsukanova
A.I. Simonova

We carry out the analysis of methods and approaches to assessing the effectiveness of business informatization. Currently a considerable amount of business entities is facing the problem of assessing the effect of business process informatization and determining the effectiveness of the process...

Criminal and Law-Based Aspects of Combating Banditry in Post-War Leningrad

M.E. Zharkoy
A.E. Kozlov
E.N. Kozlov

By the early 1950’s local militia (police) units in cooperation with other law enforcement authorities have managed to liquidate the most sizeable and dangerous gangs. The success has been achieved due to creation of strong operative entries within criminal environment, systematic strengthening...

Criminal Penalty in the System of Countering Crime: New Approaches to Traditional Institutions

N.A. Kraynova

The role of criminal punishment in the fight against crime in any state has at all times been of the essence. However while the system of penal sanctions has continuously been changing and improving the imprisonment as a deterrent has remained to be its main form of punishment for many centuries...

Criminological Criteria for Evaluation of Efficiency of Criminal Conduct Individual Prevention Measures

A.V. Petrovskiy

The article deals with the relevant issue of specifying criteria for evaluation of the efficiency of preventive measures taken with regard to addressing unlawful conduct and anti-social behavior of citizens. In 2016, the Government of the Russian Federation compelled authorities to keep control...

Crisis of Post-Industrial Professional Migration

N.L. Zakharov
A.L. Kuznetsov
I.B. Britvina

We consider the problem of the crisis of educational and professional migration of students and graduates under the transition of post-industrial society to information society. In the post-industrial world, the nature of production and the main object of global competition has changed, which...

From Plurality of Criminological Theories to Real Practices of Combating Crime

S.U. Dikaev
M.S. Dikaeva

The article deals with justification of the idea that it is necessary to move from the concept of «evil» to the concept of «deficit» in the philosophy of combating crime. This will enable more effective detection of the causes giving rise to crime and provide targeted effect on them. The authors...

Influence of Russia on World Law and Order and International Law in the Midst of the First Quarter of the 21-st Century

G.P. Ermolovich

The article contains a brief summary analysis of the state of international legal order as a benefit of implementation of standards of international law in the first quarter of the 21-st century. This is the first time the analysis has been presented.
On the basis of a number of individual...

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