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On Civil Legal Liabilities of Artificial Intelligence

M.A. Mel’nichuk
Senior Lecturer, the Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Institute of Law, North-Caucasus Federal University, PhD in Law, Associate Professor


  • legal techniques
  • information society
  • digital economy
  • artificial intelligence
  • civil and legal liabilities
  • The article deals with artificial intelligence liability issues in the Civil Law. The author focuses on a poorly developed normative regulation of AI implementation in Russia in the context of the wide introduction of this technology in various areas of life. The study touches upon a grave lack of AI legal regulation with a related problem of risks existence. The new developments in AI sphere reveal serious ethics and legal challenges. The author concludes that the relevant legal matters need an early legislative solution. According to the author the Civil Code of Russia needs to be supplemented with a special legal provision to ensure redress covering AI related damages.

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