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Anti-Corruption Mechanism as a Control Element within a System of Social Protection of Population

K.Y. Putikhin

The article examines institutional meaning of the concept of «social protection» as an element of social and economic policy of the state. It furthermore outlines major functions of the system of social protection and analyzes its key elements and their relationships. With this regard the author...

Assessment of Pre-requisites of Medical Tourism Development in Post-Crisis Period

E.V. Ignatova

We carry out a detailed research and reveal the structure of the main pre-requisites and factors determining the paths of post-crisis development of medical tourism market under modern conditions. Special attention is paid to methodological issues of market performance during the tourist...

Assessment of Quality of Distance Learning in Educational Institutions based on ICT

T.A. Blatova
V.V. Makarov
M.G. Slutskiy

The development of distance learning creates certain problems for the institutional policy and strategy of universities. The problem of interpreting the quality of distance education to include this form of education in relevant quality management systems is one of them. We consider advantages...

Branding as Tool to Increase Competitiveness

L.B. Pereligina
N.A. Sokolova

We look at the features of applying branding in Russian industry. We note the influence of branding on the competitiveness of industrial enterprises, particularly in high-tech sphere. Difficulties and obstacles to brand establishing and promotion that domestic industrial enterprises face are...

Circular Economy of Petrochemical Industry

I.R. Khairutdinov

We look at the role of circular economy in resource-saving and analyze the industry chain as well as industrial symbiosis, modes, environmental efficiency and factors of circular economy in petrochemical industry. We consider the possibility of the transition of domestic petrochemical industry...

Comparative Analysis of Conventional Production Model and Smart Factories

E.O. Kasyanenko
A.V. Shymchenko
S.V. Salkutsan

We carry out the comparative analysis of hi-tech production based on smart factory model and conventional approach to manufacturing. Considering the advantages of the transition to the new production model we have revealed, we can make a conclusion that in the nearest 10-20 years the world will...

Comparison of Levels of Logistics Development in BRICS and EAEU countries based on LPI index

E.V. Korchagina
S.E. Barykin

We carry out a comparative analysis of the level of logistics development in the countries of BRICS and EAEU on the basis of Logistics Performance Index (LPI) calculated by the World Bank. We analyze the dynamics of LPI in Russia in 2016-2018 and make conclusion about the key problems and...

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