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Compensation for Injury Caused by Offence: Positive Experience of Foreign States

A.S. Vinogradov

The right to compensation for injury caused by offence is considered to be one of the most important ones in the procedural status of the victim. The main form of realization of this right is a civil law suit in criminal proceedings. Although this instrument is not quite a new one for the...

Compliance of Explanations of Code of Criminal Procedure Implementation Practice with its Norms in Positions of the Full Supreme Court

S.V. Petrakov

The article gives relevance to existing discrepancy between some explanations of Supreme Court related to practices of applying Code of Criminal Procedure and the rules of law. The author analyzes provisions of Criminal Procedure Law, compares literal interpretation of these norms with the...

Conceptual View of Labor Market Development

Ma Li
D.O. Petrov

We consider the main concepts of labor market development and characterize the differences between the ideas of various scientific schools concerning its development. Characteristic features of digital labor market development are revealed and the key factors of the process in question and its...

Developing Quality Management System in Management of Continuing Professional Education

M.O. Ivanova

We reveal socio-economic meaning of such concepts as “quality”, “quality of education”, “quality of a specialist” and consider the specific features of using them in goal-setting characteristic for continuing professional education. We also look at mechanisms of the basic marketing function,...

Development of Hotel Industry under Tourism Crisis

M.G. Vorontsova
A.D. Vasilyeva

We look at the problems of modern tourism and hotel industry caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The unexpected market shifts forced the hotel owners to look for fundamentally new ways of responding to the pandemic situation. We consider certain approaches and technologies contributing to...

Difficulties in Determining Property Damages Caused by Theft

R.A. Ramazanov
V.V. Semenova

The article provides analysis of problematic issues related to judicial and investigative practice of determining property damages and assessing the value. The paper reveals contradictions between assessment of the same types of theft in the court practices. The authors offer ways of addressing...

Establishment and Development of Judicial System of Russian Federation from 2000 to 2019

K.K. Lebedev
V.I. Rusakov

We consider changes in the judicial system of the Russian Federation from 2000 to 2018-2019. The stage in question is characterized by the updating of the procedural legislation, passing the new Code of Criminal Procedure (2001) as well as the new Code of Civil Procedure and the Arbitration...

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