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Improving Performance of Electronic Declaration Centers of Customs Authorities in Today’s Environment

I.A. Gokinaeva

The transition to «digital» customs is carried out through complete re-engineering of customs administration related business process inter alia by reforming customs authorities of the Russian Federation. Important issues dealing with creation of electronic customs in the structure of the...

Innovation-Resource Potential of Water Supply Enterprise: Terminology and Meaning

A.S. Furtatova
N.G. Viktorova

Under modern technological transformations affecting all life spheres and growing market competition, enterprises should find innovative solutions relying on rational resource management. In the conditions in question, we see the need for assessing innovation potential of enterprises including...

International Law Procedural Immunity Affecting Tactics of Investigative Activity with Regard to Consular Offices

E.V. Lantukh
V.E. Shunk

The article focuses on developing tactics of applying certain investigative actions with regard to objects and personnel of consular offices. The authors analyze provisions of international law, which directly affect tactics related aspects of such investigative activities as inspection and...

Juvenile Migrants Delinquency

Y.A. Grachev
E.S. Ketenchieva

The article focuses on the current delinquency situation among underage migrants in Russia. The authors analyze statistical data provided by the Department of Justice in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. They examine major criminological characteristics of convicted migrants such as...

Legal Issue of Establishing Unified Electronic Information System of Health Status of Citizens

A.S. Bulnina

The relevance of the research is determined by the lack of modern complex scientific studies as well as the growing number of people having sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and other dangerous illnesses. We substantiate the need to develop legal norms concerning compulsory medical examination...

Monitoring of Phenomenon of Corruption in Russia (by the example of the analysis of publishings of regional online communities)

N.A. Limkina

The article focuses on the most significant factors related to the study of such phenomenon in Russia as corruption. The empirical framework of the research is formed on the basis of a wide anti-corruption discourse conducted in social networks as well as on the analysis of legal sources and the...

Network Paradigm of Industrial Policy under Technological Transition

M.A. Klimovich

We substantiate the dominance of structural-technological factor in achieving high rate of growth of productivity and economy as a whole under active integration of Russian economy into the world economy, crisis manifestations, high entropy of market processes and acceleration of technological...

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