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On Civil Legal Liabilities of Artificial Intelligence

M.A. Mel’nichuk

The article deals with artificial intelligence liability issues in the Civil Law. The author focuses on a poorly developed normative regulation of AI implementation in Russia in the context of the wide introduction of this technology in various areas of life. The study touches upon a grave lack...

On Combating Corruption as a Threat to National Economic Security

V.I. Sigov
I.Y. Falinskiy
A.V. Kuchumov

The article focuses on such major types of corruption as bribery, thefts and waste, simplification of procedures based on material reward, fraud, collusion, racketeering, patronage. The recommendations provided in the article which are aimed at raising the effectiveness of combating corruption...

On Difficulties of Family and Marriage Relations Legal Regulation in Modern China in the Context of Political, Social, Economic and Epidemiological Situation

E.V. Leonova
T.G. Lyasovich

The article examines specifics of family and marriage relations legal regulation in PRC bearing in mind political, economic and epidemiological factors. Traditional family law of China has sufficiently evolved over the last decades. However it still keeps on retaining peculiar specifics and...

On Organizing Remote Work of Specialists

N.G. Kolomenskaya
A.V. Pushinin

We demonstrate an algorithm of the interaction between an employee and the employer while working remotely. We distinguish certain types of remote work applied in the Russian Federation in accordance with current labor legislation. We reveal the essence of the contract with a remotely working...

Prevention of Corruption in Business as Security Issue in Public Administration

A.V. Lyadskaya
K.V. Bratyakov

The need for updating the principles and legislative regulations applied in regulating anti-corruption measures in economic entities including private ones is actively disputed now.
As the problems of preventing corruption are of great importance for the society, the regulation of the...

Prospects of Corporate Governance Development in Joint-Stock Companies of EAEU Countries

I.S. Pivovarov
D.A. Ostrovsky

The growing integration of the Eurasian Economic Union contributes to the development of sustainable economic performance of member-countries. To ensure a stable financial market, a single approach to various aspects of regulation is needed, including the issue of corporate governance. We...

Separation of Prisoners on Grounds of p. 2 art. 80 of Penal Enforcement Code of Russia

M.N. Sipiagina

The article is devoted to specific areas of concern related to separation of first-time convicted persons from those having already served deprivation of freedom sentence as well as from repeat offenders. It is indicated by the author that in order to comply with the current legislation...

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