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State Regulation of Innovative Development of Trade in Russian Federation

T.V. Kirillova

The problems connected with the state regulation of the innovative development of trade in the Russian Federation have become especially acute due to the coronavirus pandemic. The analysis of the economists’ researches showed the absence of studies concerning the state regulation of the...

The Nature and Importance of Developing Effective Communications Organization

M.G. Gildingersh

The article considers communication to be one of the important instruments of management. Without developed communication a staff member finds himself placed into a hypothetical information bubble. In other words an employee does not quite realizes how his or her job is linked with the...

The State and Responsibility for Bona Fide Activity

Y.I. Mkhitaryan

In today’s world the state has a constant impact and influence on economy development processes. A strong state creates sustainable and competitive economy. However it should be noted that different crises as well as lack of economy efficiency imply the search for relevant methods aimed at...

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