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Extremism in Sports Venues as a Social Phenomenon and Category of Criminological Analysis

S.U. Dikaev
Professor, the Department of Criminal Law, North-Western Branch of the Russian State University of Justice, Doctor of Law, Full Professor
St. Petersburg


  • fan
  • hostility
  • hatred
  • responsibility
  • crime
  • prevention
  • competition
  • sports
  • extremism
  • The article deals with the development of spectator sports as well as sports of the highest achievements in the context of problematic issues dealing with ensuring public order and security while organizing and conducting competitions. The sports and “near to sports” environment, where the competitive spirit is highly developed, is considered to be very emotional one and presupposes the presence of antagonism towards the split parties and their representatives, which results in various evil including extremist manifestations. Ensuring clarity and transparency in the system of organizing, conducting and defining results of competitions is considered by the author to be a prerequisite for preventing extremism in the area under study.

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