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A Cyclic Approach to Implementation of Tourist and Recreational Activities in Coastal Regions

N.A. Ermakova
I.G. Limonina

The article examines development of regional tourism in view of the fact that in addition to certain positive social and economic consequences tourist and recreational activities has often quite negative impacts dealing with the increase in the human burden and pressure upon the environment. The...

Analysis of Regional Transport Development Programs

L.V. Kovalenko
A.V. Taxtarev

We clarify the role of transport in regional socio-economic development. The key regional factors for improving the efficiency of the transport system are identified. Certain results of comparative analysis of strategic planning of transport development in various regions of the Russian...

Changes in Arbitration Proceedings in 2000–2017

K.K. Lebedev

We analyze novelties in the system of state arbitration courts and arbitration proceedings during the first twenty years of the XXI century. We offer our own vision of the changes in question from the point of view of the significance of judicial practice for the national economy. We focus on...

Comparative Analysis of Forest Resources Management in Finland and Russian Federation

N.N. Karpina

We look at characteristics of forestry in Finland and Russia where different forms of forest ownership are applied. We study in detail forms of forest ownership in Finland and the right to acquire forest as property. We analyze the influence of various forms of forestry ownership. We introduce...

Competitiveness of Products of Entrepreneurial Structures: Methodology of Assessment under Digital Economy

M.S. Belyaeva

We introduce methodological approach to assessing the competitiveness of products of entrepreneurial structures that unlike the existing approaches is based on customer centric business model preferable under digital economy, complex application of methods of expert analysis and econometric...

Correlation of Government and Market Regulators of Socio-Economic Development under Digital Economy

A.B. Kamyshova

The relevance of the research is substantiated by the fact that optimal combination of tools of government and market regulation at national and supranational level is growing under digital economy as its features directly affect socio-economic development. We look at various approaches to...

Development of Digital Economy and Digitalization of Business during Pandemic

P.S. Burtsev

The relevance of the research is determined by the fact that the latest global events, namely the Coronavirus pandemic, made digitalization of the economy to certain extent the only tool of survival for most businesses all over the world. We carry out the analysis of digital economy in Russia...

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