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Development of Segment of Insurance of Fuel and Energy Complex in Ensuring Economic Security of Russian Federation

A.A. Khabarov

We look at the role of the segment of insurance of fuel and energy complex in ensuring economic security of the country and factors of its development. We make a conclusion that currently we can speak about the sustainable trend of fuel and energy complex development as a priority, which becomes...

Extremism in Sports Venues as a Social Phenomenon and Category of Criminological Analysis

S.U. Dikaev

The article deals with the development of spectator sports as well as sports of the highest achievements in the context of problematic issues dealing with ensuring public order and security while organizing and conducting competitions. The sports and “near to sports” environment, where the...

Features of Legal Regulation of Limited Liability Company

V.B. Gol’tsov
N.M. Golovanov

We look at the legal status of a limited liability company, its similarity and difference from the legal status of a close joint-stock company. We identify certain inaccuracies in the legal regulation of a limited liability company and suggest ways to eliminate them.

Healthcare Management Body: Misconception and Restriction of Competition in Interpreting Paragraph 4 of Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation N 695 Dated 29 September 2002

V.A. Maksimov
S.B. Gladkova

The article provides analysis of par. 4 of Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation N 695 d.d. September 29-th 2002 and the assessment of the practice in applying whereof by the executive and judicial powers. On the basis of systematic, historical and legal, specific sociological,...

Importance of Forensic Methodology in View of Investigation of Crimes Against Family and Minors

T.A. Badzgaradze
A.V. Bachieva
T.O. Boziev

The article deals with challenges emerging in the course of investigating crimes against the family and minors. In present day society the family institution is based on the unity of material and ideological relationship. The importance of the family institution in terms of social, political and...

Industry-Related Specific Features of Current Social Sphere Development in Russian Federation

T.A. Lavrova

We consider specific features of the development of social sphere industries in the Russian Federation and reveal the key patterns of the development of the sphere in question. We note a special role of social sphere as the basis for meeting most population demands. Special attention is paid to...

Judicial Proof

V.A. Novitskiy

On the basis of a long-term experience of learning the law of evidence theory sources along with examining practices of implementation whereof conducted by the courts the author analyses the concept of judicial proof. For the first time there have been formulated the author’s own definition of...

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